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Summer Tips: Perfect Skin

I love going out during the summer time with little to no make up, and i'm definately sure i'm not the only one. Summer is a time for tinted mosturizers, light powders, bare faces, etc. However, not many of us are born with perfect skin. Although, i've never suffered from acne, or any facial skin problems, i'm not in love with my skin. What i mean is: it can be better. So i decided to log on to my laptop, and research skin cleansing, exfoliation,............ recommended by dermatologists,etc. And here is what i found. I hope this helps all of you on your journey of finding the perfect skin :)

Perfect Skin Guide:

Skin Characteristics( Ethnicity) and Common Skin Problems
Skin Characteristics of people with Anglo-Saxon origins

  • Fair, dry thin-skinned
  • Scars heal well
  • Signs of aging appear earlier
  • Burn easily in the sun
  • Bruising more obvious
  • Increased chance of skin cancer

Skin Characteristics of people with Southern Mediterranean origins

  • Oily, olive dark complexion
  • Signs of aging appear later
  • Cartilage tends to droop
  • Darker, thicker scars more common
  • Wrinkles appear later and in more localized areas
  • Skin cancer is rare

Skin Characteristics of people with Northern European origins / German and Scandinavian

  • Fair, blue-eyed, blonde
  • Thin skin
  • Scars heal well
  • Signs of aging appear early
  • Bruising more obvious
  • Greater chance of skin cancer

Skin Characteristics of people with African/African-American origins

  • Signs of aging appear very late
  • Very little fine wrinkling
  • Formation of keloids is possible
  • Pigmentation changes may occur
  • Thicker cartilage hard to change
  • Skin cancers are very rare

Skin Characteristics of people with Northern European/Irish and northern England

  • Ruddy freckled complexion
  • Red hair
  • Scars usually thin
  • Signs of aging appear later
  • Bruises easily
  • Pigmentation problems
  • Skin cancers are most common in this type

Skin Characteristics of people with Asian origins

  • Signs of aging appear late
  • Fine wrinkling does not usually occur
  • Pigmentation changes may occur
  • Skin cancers are very rare

Skin Characteristics of people with Southern European origins

  • Dark, oily brunette complexion
  • Signs of aging appear later
  • Fine wrinkling less common
  • Bruising lasts longer
  • Scars may be thicker and darker
  • Skin cancers are less common
Fair Skin:

Basic Skin Care:
You can start you cleasing routing with a cleanser that is right for you skin type : oily, normal, dry. In one of the articles i was reading, dermatologists recommend using moisturizers that will help you protect your fair skin from sun/UV damge is essential. It is also important to use SPF 30 sunscreens that contain antioxidants during the day. While at night, you should opt for creams with alpha-hydroxy acids or retinol to help speed up cell turnover. To ensure that you are taking care of your skin correctly or to check for any skin damages, visit your dermatologist for a total body check up.

Medium Skin

Basic Skin Care:
Using a salicylic-acid wash can help keep both oil and breakouts away.You can also use a mattifyer under your sunscreen and makeup. People with medium skin tones have some natural UV protection but not enough to stop using sunscreen.
Dark Skin
Dark skin women have more natural pigment in their body (melanin), so this gives them more protection from the sun than other skin tones/types. However, this does not mean you should totally ditch the sunscreen. You are also more prone to getting pimple scars so you should use a pore-cleansing salicylic-acid wash once or twice a day. you should also consider applying a cream that contains both salicylic acid as well as a brown spot-fighting ingredient. Darker skin also gets ashy very often, so you should go for rich lotions and creams, and moisturize as often and as thoroughly as possible, especially when your skin is still damp after a shower. And stick with gentle cleansers versus drying soaps. For stubborn ashiness, keep a humidifier on while you sleep.

For every skin types ( Basic care)
 You should
 Tone / Treat
  and Protect your skin :)

CleansingCleaning facial skin is even more important than cleaning your body. Your face, unlike your body, is exposed to elements all day long.
Toning / Treating
Toning can consist of using a store-bought toner, astringent or simple Witch Hazel. Toning or treating will balance the ph level of the skin and remove any residual dirt or oil not picked up from your cleanser. Moisturize
Moisturizers are essential to keep skin cells plump and hydrated. Hydrated skin will show fewer lines, wrinkles and imperfections.
Wearing sunscreen or sun protection EVERY DAY is the proven best way to block harmful UV rays and diminish formation of wrinkles, skin discolorations and to reduce your chances of developing skin cancer.

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