Thursday, 21 July 2011

High Fashion and Everyday :)


Hey Guys.

So today, while browsing through the internet. I came across a picture of a young tyra banks during her modelling career. And i immediately fell in love...........with the outfit ( It's not the one above. Sadly i can't remember the name of the website. ) Anyways, the picture inspired me to sign in to polyvore, and create modern day outfits based on some high fashion pictures. However, i only had time for 3, and for some reason the third pic won't upload to blogger ( you guys need to fix whatever glitch is wrong with the
website :( Just kidding's probably polyvore.....).
You guys can go on my polyvore to see the third outfit :) Not to brag......but it's awesome ( at least i think so) .
So that's it for today, untill next time : D

Polyvore account : LovexxDior

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